Local production, reliably and sustainably
Our mission
To realize humanity’s sustainable future by improving access to food and fuels technology for all.
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How Our Green Ammonia System Works?

Modular, Containerized, Autonomous

Introducing the world’s first modular green ammonia system that enables local production of low-cost, carbon-free fertilizers and renewable fuels. Our technology replaces a costly and unreliable supply chain, bringing equity in a sustainable future for all.
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Why green ammonia?

Green ammonia is a global de-carbonizer

Ammonia is a critical raw material used in fertilizers and other industrial applications. Grey ammonia contributes 2% of global carbon emissions and depends on an unreliable and costly supply chain.

Talus Renewables supports a cheaper, cleaner alternative: Green Ammonia.
Lowers cost by 
over 50%
Lowers cost by 30-60%
No raw materials
No raw materials
just power, water and air
Enables local, 
on-site production
Enables local,
on-site production
A global 
A global
Why green ammonia?

How We Win the Clean Ammonia Race

Remove the middleman from the process with our green ammonia production capabilities. Our on-site green ammonia systems remove the costly and unreliable supply chain from the equation. We improve access to a critical raw material by:
Providing a clean ammonia alternative for agricultural or industrial use
Supporting sustainable farming
Tackling global food insecurity issues
We eliminate a long, costly and unreliable supply chain
Improving access to a critical raw material.
~ 3t carbon
1-2t carbon
0-1t carbon
1-3t carbon
Talus solution
Talus solution
Zero carbon
Green Ammonia Solutions
Talus Renewables offers new pathways to chemicals, fertilizers, and fuels with its green ammonia production technology. Our distributed green ammonia systems profitably serve existing markets today while building a platform for emerging applications tomorrow.
More about our solution
Local Production = Lower Cost
Our technology improves access to low-cost, carbon-free fertilizers, fuel, and energy storage. Local production lowers cost while boosting reliability and sustainability.
Core team
Domain expertise across green ammonia, manufacturing and project development
The core team at Talus Renewables possesses more than a decade of expertise in green ammonia, manufacturing, and project development. Backed by a diverse and experienced group of key advisors, Talus maintains an edge in green ammonia production technology development now and in the future.

Hiro Iwanaga


David Toyne

Sr Engineer

Tracy Keyes

Process Engineer

Dave Panish

Controls + software engineer

Tembwe Mutungu

Head of Africa

John Foye *

Operations+Smallholder Farms

Tristan Peitz

Business development

Juliet Xia

Supply chain, China


Key advisors

Jing Cai


Director of electrical engineering at Aurora Innovation, formerly director of autonomous car hardware at Tesla

Graeme Rust


CEO of Kenya Nut Company, a multi-national agribusiness based in Kenya

Joe Kennedy

Former US Representative, MA-4 congressional district, having served on the energy and commerce committee

Cody Friesen

CEO of, the world’s first renewable water system

Tod J Hynes


Founded XL Fleet, a leading fleet vehicle electrification company, Sr. Advisor for Climate & Energy and Senior Lecturer at MIT

Roger W. Ferguson Jr.

Former Vice-Chair of the Federal Reserve, Economic advisor to President Obama, CEO of TIAA, currently serves on numerous boards, including Alphabet, Corning and Klarna

Peter Mvwangi


General manager of Farm Works, a social impact venture commercializing small-scale farming across sub-Saharan Africa

Jay Schmuecker


Founded C-Free Renew, developer of the world’s first small-scale green ammonia plant, senior engineer at NASA’s Let Propulsion Laboratory for over 50 years

Pierson Stoecklein


Partner at Pioneer Public Affairs, a leading clean energy policy firm, former head of policy at Mainspring, a green ammonia energy company

Rick Wagoner

Former Chairman and CEO of General Motors, currently serves of the board of Invesco and ChargePoint, among others